Drupal Features module : fail to plan, plan to fail

Chandeep will be giving an insightful and informative talk on “Drupal Features module : fail to plan, plan to fail” 

Sounds intriguing, so, 'what's it all about?' I hear you say? Chandeep will be focussing on some very interesting areas, such as planning how to split your site’s components, naming conventions along with dependencies and providing developer documentation. He will also discuss ways to audit other developers work, re-configure and test features!

Our second talk is delivered by Jonathan Laventhol, Information Director & Dominic Starkey, Head of Software, Solarcentury.

Jonathan and Dominic is focussing on "Drupal in the enterprise: winning the argument about open source".

"Open source and web technologies have conquered an incredible amount of business-to-business and business-to-customer communications.  Almost all startups are implemented with pure cloud infrastructure.  Stubbornly holding out are large organisations and their internal communications -- despite the outstanding flexibility, time-to-market, and low costs of these systems.  Our Drupal-based enterprise communications tool has just been launched, and our talk will cover its inception and the many barriers to adoption for our firm, a leading supplier of industrial-scale solar power technology."