My Drupal 8 learnings : Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Management & Display Suite

I have worked as a freelance Site Builder & Front End developer on a few Drupal 8 projects and have lots of learnings I would like to share with you. I will start by showing how I project managed myself, and my clients to ensure successful project delivery. I will briefly explain how you can use the Classy & Bootstrap themes to create your own sub-themes. I will guide you through the differences I found in site-building modules (Media & slideshows), which ones weren’t usable and what was used instead. I will also demonstrate how I used Media, Paragraphs, Configuration Manager and lots of cool modules I used for the first time. I will show you how I made the user experience nicer for content editors. I will give an overview of my involvement contributing to Drupal 8 core on front end & usability issues and how these improvements will help us in Drupal 8.2.

Drupal 8