Drupal Show and Tell - August 2013

Following the success of the Drupal "Show and Tell" evening last month, we'll be holding another on the evening of Thursday the 15th of August. We've got some talks confirmed already, but we're looking for more. Here's what we have so far: 

- Farez Rahman on using Git & Capistrano: "Replace FTP with Git+Capistrano for a more robust site deployment process. I'll run through a simple system we use for OnSavvy.com. Familiarity with Git will be useful to understand the talk. Hopefully there'll be time for a demo, which I can do after the talk too if there isn't enough time."

- Jamie Novik on CiviCRM & Drupal: "A short intoduction to CiviCRM, the open source CRM, and how you can use this powerful Drupal module to store contact data, manage mailings, memberships, payments and more! We'll focus it at a user level and try and give people an overview of CiviCRM. We'll also talk about Drupal specific integration including Webform CiviCRM integration and touch on some other topics."

- James Dodd and Ben Steel: Reusable, high-traffic forms in Drupal for enterprise-size sites. "How we're trying to refine the way we use Drupal webforms and optimise their performance for heavy traffic."

- Ed Crompton on the Drupal Migrate module: "Harnessing the power of the Migrate module to move content out of your old legacy system into Drupal. We'll look at the basics of the module and one or two of the more advanced features."

We're welcoming suggestions for talks from people with any level of experience with Drupal. So, if you've got an interesting problem you'd like to talk us through and put up for discussion, or a new technical discovery that you'd like to show off, let us know! 

We'll be kicking off at 6pm and finishing up around 9pm. We'll provide tea, coffee and sandwiches and we'll go and have some beers in the pub afterwards.

With these events we are trying to lower the barriers to getting started with Drupal and getting contributing to Drupal. We are keen to help support those already contributing and those that want to. Those of you who came along to the meetups over the last few months will remember that the format has been orientated towards setting up local webservers and submitting patches to the Drupal 8 issue queue. We thought we'd build on this with some slightly more formalised knowledge sharing sessions. We're still keen to get down and dirty with Drupal contributions though, so if you'd like to bring along your laptop and code please do that too.

We have very kindly been donated the space by London Southbank University to allow us to put on monthly meetups.