Drupal Show and Tell - January 2016

Eric Smith delivers an exciting talk on  'Drupal 8 and the Symfony Event Dispatcher'. Drupal 8 is a big shift away from the Drupalisms of the past, towards a more modern structure. One of these changes is the use of the Symfony Event Dispatcher component, which is replacing some of the invoked hooks from Drupal 7.Eric will be focussing on 3 key areas, what this component is, what events are, as well as how to send and respond to events in Drupal 8'.

We also now have Arjun Thandi the Drupal Architect of the new Surrey University website coming to let us know about the project. The focus of this talk will be on 'the key solutions identified during the migration phase of the redevelopment of the Surrey University.' This will include an overview of the current architecture and problems faced, as well an overview of some of the proposed solutions. 

Arjun's also going to talk about, navigation, centralised content vs shared content, NAT and unifying taxonomy.