Drupal Show and Tell - July 2013

After a short break, the Drupal evening at South Bank University is back with a new format!

On Thursday the 18th of July we'll be holding a Drupal "Show and Tell" evening. We've already got a line up of pro-Drupallers to each present a 15 minute tech talk. Here's the line up:

- Alex McFayden on the build of the Demotix site on Drupal.

- James Lafrere on SASS/Compass and the Aurora theme.

- Darren Mothersele on Linode servers with Solr, MariaDB and Puppet

- Peter Arato on the graph database for Drupal (Neo4j).

We're also welcoming suggestions for talks from people with any level of experience with Drupal. So, if you've got an interesting problem you'd like to talk us through and put up for discussion, or a new technical discovery that you'd like to show off, let us know!

We'll be kicking off at 6pm and finishing up around 9pm. We'll provide tea, coffee and sandwiches and we'll go and have some beers in the pub afterwards.

With these events we are trying to lower the barriers to getting started with Drupal and getting contributing to Drupal. We are keen to help support those already contributing and those that want to. Those of you who came along to the meetups over the last few months will remember that the format has been orientated towards setting up local webservers and submitting patches to the Drupal 8 issue queue. We thought we'd build on this with some slightly more formalised knowledge sharing sessions. We're still keen to get down and dirty with Drupal contributions though, so if you'd like to bring along your laptop and code please do that too.

We have very kindly been donated the space by London Southbank University to allow us to put on monthly meetups.