Drupal Show and Tell - June 2015

This months talk will be presented by Mihhail Arhipov who will be discussing;

Catching CSS degradation early using CasperJS and Image Comparison

"One of the more challenging aspects of developing for the web is catching a styling regression due to development changes. In this presentation I would like to present a prototype automated solution that uses the relatively new technology CasperJS and Image Comparison to catch those regressions before they make it to a production website."

We also now have Ben Dodd talking about:

PaaS vs Drupal - FIGHT! 

"Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Cloud Foundry in particular, are enabling developers and organisations to deliver apps at scale with speed and agility. In this session we’ll have a brief introduction to Cloud Foundry and then develop a platform on which we can scale a Drupal site. ALL the fun of an expensive close-source provider, with all the cost savings, openness and flexibility of an open-source industry-leading PaaS. FIGHT!"