Drupal Show and Tell - May 2014

We've started lining up some more great talks for the May Drupal Show and Tell. So far we've confirmed the following:

- The Zoological Society London site (zsl.org) with Catch Digital: Focusing on how the site was made super customisable for content editors using panels, you'll also learn about deployments and caching for a high traffic site.

- BBC Good Food with Alan MacKenzie and Graham Bates: Following on from Alan's talk at the show and tell last year, this is the second in a two part series. BBC Good Food is the 99th largest Drupal site in the world with 43 M page views and 10m unique users per month. This session covers the history, aims, challenges and successes of the project as well as the work that was done on scaling Drupal to the level required.

For people who don't know the format, we meet in the Keyworth Centre on Keyworth Street in a room generously lent to us by South Bank University. Tea, coffee and sandwiches will be provided and then we'll head over to the Duke of York on Borough Road for a few beers and more Drupal chat.

As always, if you'd like to present at this event or a future one please do get in touch!