Drupal Show and Tell - October 2013

The Show and Tell is back on! After a little break last month due to lots of other Drupal attractions, not least DrupalCon Prague, we're back to brighten up an autumn evening on Thursday the 24th October at 6pm. Come over to London South Bank University for another clutch of inspiring Drupal talks. 

As usual there'll be tea, coffee, sandwiches and general good cheer culminating in a beer or two in the pub afterwards.

The following talks are already confirmed:

- Content Strategy: Why the big deal? (Lizzie Hodgson of Deeson Online) 

"A short talk about the value of a good content strategy. The whys and the hows, with examples of good - and bad - practice with some real tangible takeaways." 

- Drupal / Solr / CiviCRM integration (Crispin Read of White Fuse Media)

"Looking at stakeholder engagement and running flexible agile-ish projects with many vocal stakeholders as well as some specific issues and problems with the integration and how we solved them." 

- Building Big Sites (Andy Read and Temi Jegede of Capgemini)

"Technical architecture and workflow that makes building big websites interesting."

As always, we're really keen to hear from anyone who'd like to contribute, so if you'd like to do a short talk, do get in touch with me (@ed_crompton) or the Cameron and Wilding team (@cameronwilding).

Thanks to London Southbank University who have kindly donated their space again.