Drupal for Big Data - Is it ready?

In the emerging era of the Internet of things and Big data I will try to look at Drupal's perspective. All web thrives over bigger and bigger data. Latest Startup trends reveal a tendency of applications to work around the idea of data - how to better manage or display it. So being a Drupal professional you could ask yourself is this platform ready or even is it the right one for Big Data? Drupal has its immense advantages of being a great CMS to manage content and data for display, but can it actually handle huge amounts of it? So in my session I will cover: 

  • What's out of the box for Big Data Analysis 
  • Drupal for huge amounts of data - pros and cons 
  • Is it ready as a platform  
  • Technology stack on what's needed to plug in Drupal into the subject of Big data 
  • Provide an analysis of the tools available, to set up Drupal for Big Data processing 
  • I will also demonstrate few Startup cases using Drupal as a part of their big data stack and look at their experiences.