The Greatest Documentaries of All Time

The BFI's mission is to ensure that film is central to our cultural life, in particular by supporting and nurturing the next generation of filmmakers and audiences. The BFI serves a public role which covers the cultural, creative and economic aspects of film in the UK.

Sight & Sound, the monthly film magazine published by the BFI, periodically runs landmark polls of critics and filmmakers to discover what are considered to be the greatest films of all time.  This year the magazine ran a poll to find the greatest documentaries ever made, with the results published during the summer.

The process of gathering votes from hundreds of film professionals, matching the votes to our database of over a million film & TV titles and publishing the results in print and online in interesting and engaging ways presented a real challenge.  We'll talk about the Drupal-based system we built to handle this and how it greatly improved upon previous systems.


Voting Films